Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Waking Up To A Rainy Day...

Hello again my lovely readers!
I have missed you so even though it's only been a night.
Its 09:20 and i got out of bed about 10-15 minutes ago and I'm still blooming tired. outside is cold, wet and miserable and the plan today is to go on a wildlife walk! please tell me if thats a good thing!?! Last time my auntie sybil and uncle billy went they had a great time(maybe because of that lush sunny weather!) and they saw loads of defferent and weird birds and then my auntie sybil was confronted with an adult deer! So I'm partly excited. Ooh and I'm dying for a cup of coffee and some of those cocopops in the cupboard! So I'll send another blog later to tell you how my wildlife walk went, but for now
Bye Bye

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